Board Information

Board Requirements

Our  Lettermen’s Association Board of Directors serve three year terms and are active in the Association and are excited to represent the organization as well as your decade and sport. They are also current in their membership dues. We hold annual elections for Board members who’s terms are expiring.

If interested in serving on the Board, you must be a current due-paying Lettermen’s Association member and have served at least one year on the Lettermen’s Volunteer Committee.  To receive more information about the Board please email Lettermen’s Association at

Our Board represents seven decades as well as at-large positions.

Board Requirements –  There shall be Twenty-one (21) elected Decade Directors. The Decade Directors will hereby represent six (7) decades; the present decade and the preceding six decades. These twenty-one directors shall be residents of Tarrant County or a county adjacent to Tarrant. There shall be between three (3) to ten (10) elected At-Large Directors and may represent previous decades not represented as a decade as well representing large cities outside the DFW Metroplex that the Board deems appropriate for representation or as warranted. These At-Large Directors can come from any decade and shall serve a term of three years.  Any eligible active member of the Association, if elected, may serve one or more terms as a Director.

Below is a list of our Board of Directors.

Title/Director Name Class Sport(s)
President Fred Barber 1968 Football
1st Vice President Amy Patterson 2002 Volleyball
2nd Vice President Cindy Gonzalez 1985 W. Swimming & Diving
Treasurer Becky Brill-Hall 1984 W. Swimming & Diving
Immediate Past President Donny Ray 1978 Men's Basketball
At-Large Max Falls 1976 M. Tennis
At-Large Mike Sullivan 1990 Football
At-Large David Roditi 1996 M. Tennis
At-Large Erika Millican 2000 Ath. Trainer
At-Large Joe Brown 2008 M. Track & Field
At-Large John Marsh 1991 Football
At-Large J.W. Wilson 2000 Football
At-Large Jake Kirkpatrick 2010 Football
At-Large Royce Huffman II 2000 Football & Baseball
At-Large Johnny Collins II 2000 M. Track & Field/X.C.
At-Large David Bobo 2001 Football
10's Decade Jackie Torda 2011 W. Soccer
10's Decade Emily Paper 2010 Rifle
10's Decade Katy Cardno 2013 W. Golf
00's Decade Sean Stilley 2003 Football
00's Decade Victor Payne 2002 Football
00's Decade Shannon Brazzell 2000 Football
90's Decade Jill Kramer 2000 Volleyball
90's Decade Scott McKinnon 1992 Football
90's Decade Michael Reeder 1997 Football
'80's Decade Valare Blewett 1984 W. Basketball
80's Decade Hal Brown 1988 Football
80's Decade Paul Llewellyn 1989 Football
'70's Decade Evans Royal 1973 M. Basketball
70's Decade David Medanich 1979 M.Soccer
70's Decade Vernon Wells 1972 Football
60's Decade David Kline 1968 Football & Track
60's Decade Ted Harris 1969 Football
60's Decade Lance Brown 1964 Baseball
50's Decade Dale Walker 1959 Football
50's Decade Marshall E. Harris 1954 Football
50's Decade Dr. Bert Franks 1956 M. Basketball / M. Golf
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