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If you played a men’s or women’s sport at TCU or served as a manger or trainer for a sport, you would be classified on the University’s system as a Letterwinner.

Also, to be designated as a Letterwinner, you would have to letter in a sport for at least a year.

To be able to reap the benefits of the Lettermen’s Association, you would need to be a current dues paying member.

Annual Membership dues currently are $100 except:

  • If you graduated in 2019 your membership dues for your first year are FREE!
  • If you graduated in 2017 to 2018, your annual membership dues are $50.
  • If you graduated between 1977 to 2016, your annual membership dues are $100
  • If you graduated in 1976 or earlier, your annual membership dues are $50.
  • Lifetime Memberships are open to all members and are available for $5,000.

Please complete the form below to join the Association or renew your membership.

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